4000 Minutes In Hours

4000 Minutes In Hours: Many people frequently wonder how to achieve 4000 watch hours on YouTube, which is one of the key prerequisites for the YPP. Any new user of the YouTube site will typically dream of achieving this goal as their first significant milestone.

The sheer number of other creators presents the biggest obstacle to this objective. It will be challenging for newcomers because the majority of the other creators may already be well-known in their respective fields. So in a technical sense, you will be up against both emerging and seasoned content producers on the platform.

The exposure of your material and its likelihood of being shared among established competitors will both be inherently constrained by this competition. You need to approach your YouTube video development journey strategically if you want to reach your goal more quickly. This is not to imply that if you post videos without a plan, you won’t find success, but it will take a lot of time and money.

I’ll be looking at ways to achieve 4000 YouTube watch hours in this article. We’ll be sharing some tried-and-true hack techniques with you so that YouTubers can achieve the most views possible.

What Counts As Video Watch Time?

total watch time on YouTube

Anyone who intends to use the YouTube platform has to be aware of what constitutes a watch hour. This is due to the fact that all contents posted on the site differ.

YouTube only counts PUBLIC viewing time as viewing time. If your video’s privacy settings are set to unlisted or private, this indicates. Such videos wouldn’t count against your watch time, even if they received a million hours of viewing. When uploading content, it’s crucial for rookie YouTubers to be aware of this technicality.

Similarly, would a popular video from two years ago count toward your watch time today? No, is the response. This is so because 4,000 watch hours does not equal the total amount of time viewers viewed a channel over its entire existence.

YouTube will only take into account the past 365 days starting from the given date because it views its watch hour as a changing time frame. This makes the objective of achieving 4000 YouTube watch hours a little more challenging.

YouTubers can rejoice because this requirement only needs to be met once. And once you’ve accomplished that and reached 1000 subscribers, you’re eligible for monetization. Your watch hours don’t matter once you’ve received monetization clearance.


We presume that the aim of 4000 watch hours has a very long timeframe. But in reality, the 4000 watch hours only barely add up to a little over $170 in profits.

Additionally, the timeline’s mathematical foundation is relatively straightforward: one hour is equal to 60 minutes, and simple multiplication of the two numbers yields the desired result.

4000 hours divided by 60 minutes equals 240,000 minutes.

This basically means that in order to reach 4000 watch hours, a channel must create at least 240,000 minutes of YouTube watch time.

The following Is A Further Mathematical Breakdown In Days:

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It takes a day 24 hours. Therefore,

4000 hours divided by 24 hours equals 166 days, 16 hours.

This means that in order for a YouTube channel to reach its target of 4000 views from a single user, the user would have to continuously watch the channel’s content for 166 days and 16 hours. Obviously, when the number of active customers rises, this number gets considerably lower.

How To Get 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube

Actually, there are a number of ways to get 4,000 YouTube viewing hours. And the reality is that these techniques will function differently depending on the niche you find yourself in. However, generally speaking, you can try some or all of these tips to quicken your path to 4000 watch hours:


Asides from the quality and uniqueness of your video content, longer videos can help you attain your goal faster. Many YouTubers are now seeing the value of creating videos longer than 10 minutes. So don’t shy away from it, incorporate some longer content in your channel and see your watch hour rise. Here are a few hacks on how to create longer video content:

  • Create Podcasts: Podcast offers an awesome way of creating content that is longer than 10 minutes and you should consider starting your own podcast. This will allow you to squeeze as much watch time from each viewer. Another benefit is that you get to publish videos with less effort and time spent on editing. You can press record, do your podcast, press end, and then publish the raw video.
  • Live Stream: Another hack to arrive at 4000 watch hours faster is through Live streaming. As with podcasts, it requires no editing and it counts towards your 4,000 hours. A simple extrapolation can give you an idea of the watch time you stand to gain from a live stream session. Simply multiply the average viewers by the length of your stream to estimate your watch time. Take, for instance, a live stream session that lasts for 2 hours and you had an average of 50 viewers, this will equate to around 100 hours of watch time.

A newcomer to the YouTube platform has a huge challenge to surmount. As with any new start-up, it’s not going to get recommendations and visibility instantly.

The YouTube algorithm will not recommend your content to audiences and your channel will have slow organic growth. This is because the platform doesn’t have enough data about your channel as well as your content.

This makes it difficult to recommend for anyone interested in watching them. This is where channel and video optimization comes in. Optimize your video title, description, and keywords for YouTube SEO.

When it comes to video optimization, your first point of call is the keyword. A popular keyword with less competition will give the chances of your video appearing at the top of searches by the audience.



A new user of the YouTube platform faces a formidable obstacle. It won’t immediately receive recommendations and publicity, just like with any new start-up.

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Your material won’t be recommended to viewers by the YouTube algorithm, and the organic growth of your channel will be moderate. This is due to a lack of information on the platform regarding your channel and your content.

This makes recommending them to anyone who might be interested in seeing them challenging. This is where optimizing channels and videos comes in. Your video’s title, description, and keywords should be optimized for YouTube SEO.

Your first port of call when it comes to video optimization is the keyword. A popular term with little competition will increase the likelihood that your video will show up at the top of audience searches.


use YouTube cards

Utilizing video cards and end screens is another method for achieving 4000 view hours on YouTube. Simply put, a video card enables you to direct viewers of your material to more of your work.

The tiny icons that show up in the top right corner of your videos are called video cards. YouTube allows a creator to recommend at least 5 other videos per content. Make sure to take advantage of this chance!

Similar to video cards, video end screens likewise demand viewers to see your content all the way through. End screens are only a method of requesting that viewers view your additional material.

The YouTube platform allows creators to add up to 4 videos and a playlist to the last 20 seconds of content.


create functional playlist

Video playlist is one of the ways YouTubers can work around the challenge of how to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube. Playlists are a way of gently urging viewers to further watch your content.

It helps create more of a gradual viewing experience which has the potential of increasing a channel’s Watch Time on YouTube. Content creators can design several video playlists to encapsulate all their videos. The simple trick is to ensure that the playlist is organized in sequences and is of relevance to each other.

By leveraging the effectiveness of Playlists, channels can gain viewership by attracting more audiences to their content in a viewing session. This helps improve channel visibility and increases YouTube Watch Time. Here are ways to leverage the playlist:

  • Playlists can be leveraged in a normal or series manner. With a “normal” or no playlist at all, there is no way of knowing if YouTube would suggest the concluding part as the next recommended video. The series playlists guaranties that your contents are played one after the other. So long they are serialized in a playlist. YouTube will automatically play your videos and you get to achieve your aim of 4000 watch hours.
  • You can also share your playlist instead of individual video links. To do this, find the playlist containing the video you wish to share. Select the video you want to share and copy the long convoluted URL. You can then start to share this link and watch your watch hour increase.

use social media to help you get 4000 watch hours

One effective means on how to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube is to actively promote your content on other social media. Active promotion helps you drive traffic to your content from sources other than the YouTube platform.

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Asides from increasing your watch hours tremendously, actively promoting your content have other benefits:

  • You bring fresh users to the YouTube platform. This allows YouTube to show them ads which translates into extra revenue for YouTube. Result? YouTube will reward you with organic impressions.
  • You know your audience best. By recommending your videos to people you know are interested in the content, you allow YouTube to create lookalike audiences. It works similar to Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought these” feature. Once YouTube is able to see patterns among viewers, it will be able to make educated guesses what other YouTube videos and creators you might be interested in.
  • You make your own luck. Or in this case your own watch time. The more that you promote your own videos, the quicker you’ll get to 4,000 hours of watch time.

use google ads to get 4000 watch hours

Not everyone has the patience to wait for YouTube watch hours to grow organically. If you fall in that category, then you can opt to create a video ad campaign for your content. Keep in mind that you can use any ad platform but I will suggest using Google Ads.

To Do This, Follow The Steps Below:

  • Create a Google Ads account and set up a new campaign.
  • Select “brand awareness and reach” as the campaign goal.
  • Choose “video campaign” as a type of campaign.
  • Give your campaign a name.
  • Select a CPC bidding strategy. We recommend manually setting a low bid cap, so you don’t quickly exhaust your campaign budget.
  • Set a campaign budget as well as a start and end date.
  • In the networks section, select “YouTube videos”.
  • Select from the targeting options available.
  • Target option one lets you increase up your watch time as well as also gain subscribers with your video ads. Target option two lets you get as many watch hours as possible at the lowest possible price.
  • Create your video ad. Select a video of your choice from your YouTube channel and design your ad.
  • Click save and continue. Once your video ad campaign has been reviewed, it’s ready to go.

Tip: adding ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of your channel URL, will display a popup that prompts the audience if they want to subscribe to your channel. Also, we recommend promoting your YouTube channel in your ad copy and then linking to your channel URL.


There are many ways to obtain 4000 YouTube viewing hours, and this list is by no means all of them. Many of the hacks presented here will be successful for some users while failing for others.

Applying a handful at a time and checking your outcomes with the YouTube analytics tool is your best bet. This helps you determine what does and does not work for you. Remember that obtaining 4000 watch hours is a difficult endeavor that will always necessitate extra effort on the side of the producers.

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