7 Surveys That Pay Airtime ( 7 surveys that pay airtime in Nigeria and other African countries)

A paid online survey is one of the ways to earn some tokens online, especially if you haven’t made any money online before.

There are many survey companies out there, and their payment methods are sometimes different from one another.

The majority of them don’t work in many African countries like Nigeria.

In Some African countries like Nigeria where the cost of Data bundles and Airtime is costly, people often look for ways to recharge their mobile phones and computers.

If you are among those that are looking for ways to get data for free while answering surveys, then this article is for you.In this article, you are going to learn about those survey platforms that have the option of airtime as one of their payment methods, so read to the end.

Surveys That Pay Airtime

1. http://Afrisight.com: Have you heard about this survey platform before? well, if you love taking online paid Surveys, then you must have heard about afrisight.

This is one of the most popular survey platforms in Nigeria and some other African countries because they are mainly focused on the African audience.

This company rewards you for answering their surveys and lets you accumulate USD and they will pay you in many ways which airtime purchase is one of the payment methods.Well, am not here to talk about the other payment methods they have, but we are only interested in one of their payment methods which is airtime purchase or payout.

Once you reach 3$ which is the minimum withdrawal threshold for airtime, you can be able to withdraw to your mobile number and have the airtime credited there.

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I sometimes use this method to withdraw my earnings from them, and believe me, the withdrawal process is very simple and fast, just input the Mobile number you want to send the airtime to and click on send, and that’s all.

2. http://Geopoll.com: Another Survey platform on my list which I have actually used that pay through airtime recharge is Geopoll.

Just like every other survey platform out there, this particular survey company will pay you for answering their survey questions which at the end will reward you with airtime.Here is how this survey company works.

As a Respondent, you will download their app and register, then start getting paid for your responses to their surveys which you could redeem as airtime.

3. http://Surveyfiesta.com: Talking about survey platforms that could also reward their respondents with airtime purchases, then Surveyfiesta is one of them.

They have some other payment methods such as PayPal or simply exchanging your points for rewards.

They offer rewards in the form of e-vouchers which include airtime, google play, Uber Eats, App Store, etc.Although they have other methods of payment, but the most important means of payment from this platform in this article is the option for airtime purchases or mobile recharge.

4. http://730views.com: One of the unique things about this survey app is that ‘ it is for the Nigerians and by the Nigerians.

This app rewards you with airtime for completing their surveys.You just need to download the 730views app from Play Store, register, and start getting and answering surveys which you will be rewarded with airtime.

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5. http://Voices.Africa: The website normally pays up to 100 Naira per survey.

There are many payment methods here, they allow you to choose whether to get paid in cash or airtime and even in Bitcoins.

This particular survey is one of those survey companies that work or should I say focuses more in African countries such as Nigeria, etc and they are very legit also.

6. http://TimeBucks.com: TimeBucks is a bit different from other websites and apps I listed above.

They are a GPT (get paid to) platform that rewards members for completing a wide variety of simple tasks such as…Watching videos.

Taking surveys.Viewing content.Completing offers.Download free apps.

Solving CaptchaMiningThey have many payment methods, but in this article, we are only interested in the airtime payment method of theirs which this article is all about.

They have the option for airtime payout but one thing about them is their minimum withdrawal threshold is 10 USD which you can make if you are serious.Apart from their paid surveys, you can also make money in other ways as I listed above.

7. http://Mobiworkx.com: If you are still looking for another Survey platform that could pay you with airtime for completing their surveys, then Mobiworks is one of them.

This is a South African company and they currently work in many African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, etc.

From the look of things, they are very fast and they do pay handsomely.Honestly, I haven’t used this platform, but I have friends who have been getting their survey rewards, so I decided to add them to the list.

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Talking of being legit, every platform I mentioned here is paying.

Now you know some of those survey companies that will reward you with airtime? so what are you still waiting for? go and sign up and start loading your phone or PC with data and airtime.

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