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Amazon Cpa Offers: The best way to make money online is undoubtedly through affiliate marketing, and “Cost per Action (CPA) Offers” are the favourite of most marketers. Although affiliate marketing can be a good source of revenue, success becomes challenging in the absence of a similarly fantastic product to market.

CPA products to promote

If you are an affiliate marketer, chances are that CPA isn’t new to you. And just like every other marketing model, there are divergent views on Cost per Action (CPA) offers.

Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action, CPA, is a model of advertising where a specified action has to occur as a result of an advertiser’s promotion, after which the publisher is paid. Specific actions needed to occur can be downloading software or leaving an email address, registering or subscribing for an offer, filling a questionnaire, and others.

In simpler terms, CPA marketing offers require the audience to click on an affiliate link and complete a pre-determined action. The action can be in any form as earlier stated. Advertisers generate leads through CPA Affiliate Marketing while Publishers get paid for generating a lead.

What To Look for When Choosing an Amazon CPA for Your FBA business

As an Amazon FBA seller, you wear a lot of hats. You work hard to manage every aspect of your business and probably started it on your own as a side hustle.

No matter what scale you’re operating at, now is the time to hire an accountant if you haven’t already.

In this post, we’ll cover why you should have a niche Amazon seller accountant overseeing your business finances and what to look for when hiring one.

Should You Hire A Generalist Accountant Or A Niche Accountant? 

Did you know there are over 1.3 million accountants in the U.S alone as of 2020? The vast majority are generalist accountants that oversee financial record-keeping in local accounting firms.

For a brand new eCommerce business, working with a generalist accountant is usually more than enough. They can help you get set up with simple accounting software, handle accrual basis accounting, and get your tax documents squared each tax season.

However, once your eCommerce business is doing high-6 figures or more, working with a generalist accountant can become a liability. They know accounting, but chances are they aren’t familiar with the nuances of selling on Amazon’s eCommerce platform. That’s when switching to a specialized Amazon accountant can be beneficial. They have deep industry expertise in addition to proper accounting chops.

Why Do I Need An Amazon CPA?

Did you know that 42% of Amazon sellers cite financial freedom as their top motivation for starting their business, according to this JungleScout report? But if you can’t manage your finances properly, financial freedom might just stay out of reach.

Accurate accounting is crucial for running an online business, but especially so for Amazon sellers. For example, as you scale, managing the complexities of inventory management planning and cash flow forecasting, especially if you sell on more than one Amazon Marketplace, such as the US, Canada, UK, etc.)

However, tax time isn’t the only time you should work with an accountant. Unfortunately, that’s when many business owners think of hiring an accountant. Yes, an accountant can help you file your quarterly state and federal taxes. But, they can help you with so much more like accrual accounting, double-entry accounting, bank reconciliation, identifying any sales tax obligations, organizing bank statements and preparing financial statements.

A good accountant will advise and guide you toward strategic growth. Understanding your finances empowers you to run a more profitable and sustainable business by tracking your cash inflows and outflows correctly. Without a firm grasp of your finances, you could run into problems like cash flow shortages, payroll issues, or late payments to vendors and suppliers. A skilled accountant helps you avoid this and maximize your cash flow.

If you work with a niche Amazon accounting firm, they have the expertise to navigate all of the nuances that only Amazon FBA businesses face such as high volume of transactions. This frees up your time to focus on your core competencies in your E-Commerce businesses.

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What Should I Look For When Choosing An Accountant For My FBA Business?

The accountant that’s right for your business will depend largely on what scale you’re operating at. An accountant who specializes in first-year Amazon FBA businesses may not be the best fit for a 7-figure FBA business.

Here’s what you should look for in an accountant based on the size of your Amazon FBA business:

1. Amazon FBA Business Under $20k In Monthly Sales

While your Amazon FBA business is still small, your top priority should be getting set up on cloud accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks Online. Plus making sure you have a solid financial foundation.

If you’re still tracking your finances manually through spreadsheets, you are setting yourself up for mistakes. These can be easily avoided if you use cloud accounting software like Xero.

At this volume of monthly sales, you don’t need a specialized accountant. It’s okay to use a local accountant who works for all kinds of businesses in your hometown.

2. Amazon FBA business – $20k – $85k In Monthly Sales 

Once your Amazon FBA business hits the 6-figure mark, you’re going to have more financial considerations. At this sales volume, you should be building out and reviewing financial reports. These include cash flow statements, balance sheets, and P&Ls. Also, make sure you’re registered and collecting sales tax in all of the places you have nexus in.

At this point, you’re making enough revenue that you should be paying yourself a salary and are building out your team. An accountant can determine an appropriate salary cap and calculate the proper amount you can afford to pay. You may also be in the position to start hiring help. In that case, you’ll want to be sure you’re compliant with hiring laws and managing payroll correctly. Again, this is a situation where your accountant can lend a hand.

With 6-figure sales, it’s safe to still work with a general accountant, especially if you’re happy with the accountant you’ve been using up to this point as your business has grown.

If your current accountant is not working well for you, it may be time to look for a new one. As you search for an eCommerce accountant, keep in mind that you want someone that can work with you as your business scales and you reach higher sales volumes.

An added benefit of working with a specialized eCommerce accounting firm, like Bean Ninjas, early on is they can help you build out your financial tool stack. For example, there are cloud accounting tools, like A2X, that can help automate some of the tedious bookkeeping tasks that FBA sellers face.

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3. Amazon FBA business – $85k – 2M In Monthly Sales 

Once you’ve hit the 7-figure annual mark, there are more financial considerations in addition to the ones outlined above. You’ll still need to comply with taxes, reporting, and hiring practices, but there’s more to manage at this level.

Running a profitable business at this scale involves more planning— especially around cash flow and inventory forecasts. For instance, you can use inventory forecasting to make predictions that help your business run more predictably and efficiently. Inventory forecasting, also known as demand forecasting, looks at your past sales and trends to help you optimize supply chain decisions. And, cash flow forecasting lets you estimate the flow of cash in and out of the company so you can effectively manage receivables and payments such as payroll.

Another financial consideration at this scale is determining whether or not to diversify off-Amazon. When the majority of your sales are on Amazon, that’s a huge platform risk.

Plus, as more sellers flock to Amazon, 66% of current FBA sellers worry about the increased competition keeping prices down.

If your sales are entirely through Amazon, you would lose all income if something happened to your seller account (not as uncommon as you might think!). Focusing on building your brand through your own website on platforms like Shopify can mitigate the risk. You can also diversify through other third-party marketplaces like eBay,  Etsy, or Walmart.

If you plan on selling your business someday, then you’ll also want to spend the time and effort making sure you have seller-ready financials and comprehensive reporting. Buyers typically want to see 18 – 24 months of clean financials from a company before they purchase. Having your ducks in a row now will save you a headache and added expenses in the future.

A good eCommerce accountant can help you navigate all of the new financial considerations that come with operating a 7-figure business.

4. Amazon FBA – $2M+ In Monthly Sales

Running an 8-figure business involves much of the same reporting, financial considerations, and risks as operating a 7-figure company just at a much larger scale.

As a large company with over $2M in monthly sales, you’ve essentially outgrown the ability to work with a single third-party cloud accounting firm. You might still be able to work with your third-party firm, but you should also have at least a financial controller in-house. They can also conduct internal audits and controls to ensure your company finances are on track.

No matter how much revenue you’re bringing in with your FBA business, you should find an accountant or hire financial team members that are professional and understand your specific business needs. It’s important for you to be able to trust the person(s) that will be helping you scale your Amazon FBA business.

Want to make sure that you’re making the most of your FBA store finances? Check out our Amazon Accounting Guide.

For the last five years, we’ve managed the books for and assisted eCommerce entrepreneurs. Want to learn more about our process? Schedule a call today.

What Are CPA Offers?

CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition. This acquisition can either be a Sale (in terms of CPS), a Lead (in terms of CPL), an Action, or a Conversion. The common factor is that a predetermined action has to occur for conversion to take place.

Samples of CPA Offers

CPA offers in the CPA model refer to the actual promotion gigs themselves. An advertiser offers a product for advertisement and a publisher interested in marketing such a product subscribes to the offer. In the CPA model, publishers are paid if and when a user acquires a service or product.

How To Select CPA Offers To Promote

Truth be told, there are millions of CPA Offers available out there to any affiliate marketer. The number is so huge that it’s quite impossible to actually quantify the magnitude. Affiliate networks such as CPALeadmaxbounty, and peerfly provide numerous CPA Offers to marketers on their platform.

select CPA Offers to Promote

And with so large volumes of CPA Offers, it’s easy for an affiliate marketer to get confused. Even seasoned marketers often get overwhelmed by the share volume of results. How much more a newbie?

Selecting CPA Offers requires lots of considerations as so many factors go into making an offer awesome. The success of your affiliate business rests on you choosing the right CPA Offers and it should be done with all seriousness.

Here are some factors to consider before making your choice of CPA Offers:


pay-out of CPA Offers

The pay-out of CPA Offers should not be the sole determinant of your choosing it. Pay-out is the revenue a publisher receives after each conversion. The specific value of pay-out is decided by an advertiser and it can be dynamic or fixed. Pay-out can vary depending on the country, operator, operating system, and flow.

You might ask; how does this affect my CPA Offers? When it comes to choosing CPA Offers that convert, the offer with the highest pay-out is more tempting to many people. This doesn’t mean high-paying CPA Offers are bad but they certainly aren’t always the best.

One factor that makes high-paying CPA Offers a little tricky is the billing flow. Not many consider this but when it comes to the CPA model of marketing, it is pretty much important.

Generally, top pay-out CPA Offers are closely related to the submission of credit card details. Getting the audience to subscribe to this is hard since most audiences are unwilling to enter their credit card details.

Those who subscribe to this kind of offer have to pay more for the acquisition.


Conversion Rate

Another factor to consider is the conversion rate of any CPA Offer. And since most affiliate decision is based on pay-out, it’s important to consider the conversion rate.

To put things in perspective, consider two offers: one with a Pay-out of $10 and the other with a Pay-out of $2. If your decision is solely based on pay-out, then there can be no doubt that you will accept the first offer. But this isn’t the entire picture as you have failed to check for conversion rate.

If the first CPA Offer has a conversion ratio – 1/1000 and the other CPA Offer has a conversion ratio of 1/100, if eventually, you were able to send 5000 clicks, you’d end up earning $50 as revenue.

On the flip side, if went with the offer with a lower Pay-out but a higher Conversion Ratio, you’d end up earning $100 as revenue. This is twice the value you earned from the offer with a higher pay-out.

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Generally, higher Pay-outs can mean harder or low conversion ratios while lower Pay-outs can mean easy or high conversion ratios. Therefore, it’s important to try and understand whether or not your audience will be willing to pay more for an offer or if it makes more sense to receive less consistently.


EPC means Earnings per Click. It calculates the revenue that accrues to you for every 100 clicks. In other words, EPC is the average amount of money you can earn for every 100 clicks on your affiliate link.

To calculate the EPC of any offer, divide the amount generated in revenue by the entire number of clicks on the specific offer. After that, multiply your result by 100.

Earnings per Click gives you are a more complete metric of any CPA Offer including its Pay-out as well as its Conversion Ratio. It’s easy to think EPC is perfect but that’s far from the truth simply because the values you see are an average of all the traffic your affiliate network receives to those offers.

For clarity, consider two different CPA Offers: Offer A has an impressive EPC while Offer B has an average EPC.

Earnings per Click

Offer A

If Offer A is predominantly used by an experienced group of Affiliates with expert Landers, large-quality traffic sources, and a lot of technical abilities on that specific type of offer. The result is that Offer A’s EPC will greatly increase. And most certainly that increase in EPC will attract you like a moth.

If you fall for the increased EPC and go ahead with Offer A, you will most likely end up with the heavyweights of such niche, hustling and fighting incredibly tough and experienced competitors. In the end, chances are that you may fail to get the EPC that attracted you.

Offer B

On the flip side, if you went with Offer B which is used by a small group of experienced as well as inexperienced marketers, chances are that the EPC value will be average. Many CPA Offers fall within this category.

The fact that some marketers are able to pull it off while others don’t by not getting quality traffic will make the overall EPC drop. And Offer B, which is as awesome as Offer A, will appear far less appealing. However, this means it’s easier for you to get decent traffic on your promotion since the big sharks are not heavily represented.  It may also have an easier flow for you to earn revenue that gladdens your heart.

At the end of the day, what you should consider as the measure of performance of your campaigns is your Return on Investment (ROI).


To truly evaluate what your performance will be when choosing CPA Offers, you should consider not only what you’re getting from the offer but also how much you’re spending to gain that revenue. In other words, consider how much you will be spending to get your traffic.

Cost per Action itself relies on the quality of traffic you are able to generate towards your affiliate links. This means that the faster you are able to drive valuable traffic, the better. If you can get such traffic at a cheap rate, then that’s just more awesome for your business.

As rightly stated before, higher pay-outs may turn into a tougher conversion ratio. So when choosing CPA Offers to promote, you should consider going with offers that provide low pay-out with a lower EPC but can get you more conversions and quickly.

Going for such CPA Offers ensures that you will probably get more volume with fewer costs than offers with high pay-out and high ECP.


CPA niche/vertical

Most affiliate networks allow you to explore thousands of CPA offers from all around the earth. Sometimes, these offers have been previously tested so you know the quality is high but not every time.

And on most affiliate sites, the offers have been segmented into categories or verticals. A category or vertical is a list of CPA Offers that belong to the same niche. Some of the most popular categories with large volumes of traffic include Nutrition, Sweepstakes, Gaming, Gambling, Finance, Health, and Fitness. Note that not all networks promote Adult content.

One key point to take note of is that knowing your audience is very crucial to your CPA affiliate business success. Knowing what they want and when they want it with you serving it up at the right time for them creates the perfect mix for conversion to occur.

Understanding what works better when setting a campaign is necessary because you want to avoid losing visits or conversions. Knowing your audience can not be over-emphasized.

And since most affiliate network provides their users with account managers, always draw from their expertise to make decisions. After all, they are there to serve your needs!


CPA Offer restrictions

As far as knowing what your audience wants is important when choosing CPA Offers, keeping an eye out for restrictions is equally if not more important. Always familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of any offer before promoting it. This is why you can find all the restrictions on the page containing info about the offer.

Violating a restriction can result in you being blocked, preventing you from participating in awesome top offers along the line. These restrictions can really cost you a lot in terms of earnings also.

For example, if an offer is specifically for 3G internet service users, any traffic coming from Wi-Fi will be redirected to another offer; if you’ve got the Safety Fall-back enabled or to nowhere in particular. This means you won’t get the credit for such conversions leading to a loss in potential revenue.

Other CPA Offers can have restrictions relating to the type of promotion that can run. Some won’t allow Pop-ups or pop-unders or let you get Incent Traffic. Some of these restrictions were put in place to address the limitations of other marketing models.


CPA Offer landing page

To be honest, creativity fuels the affiliate business industry. Although with many and different restrictions, you still need to be averagely creative to beat the competition and get good conversions.

If you are creating promotional materials that are considered compliant with the rules and guidelines, asking for the approval of Partners when needed becomes easy. Oftentimes, advertisers want their affiliate marketer to be creative and bring their ingenuity into marketing their product.

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And since your major interest is in earning as much as possible from CPA Offers, you will do well to create an awesome yet matching landing page. It can really be the magic bullet you needed to propel a good conversion ratio for yourself.

An awesome landing page will get your audiences all fired up about the offer, which simply aids their conversion. But if you have a very bad Landing Page, or if your advert doesn’t match your landing page, then the initial excitement will most likely turn into disappointment. This will lead to loss of conversion and subsequently loss of earnings for you.

Closely observe the screenshots of each offer since it’s what your audience will see in the end. Then test the offer that suits your promotional materials best and compare performances among the various offers.


This is more for an affiliate marketer who has spent some time promoting CPA Offers. With time, you will start to get a handle on the industry as well as your CPA network and affiliate partners.

And with your partners, you’ll get to understand who provides what and what they exactly want from the partnership. If you’ve worked with awesome partners that provided great CPA Offers before, chances are they will again in the future.

For newbies, this can be something to take into consideration when choosing a new offer. And since you are new, you can always ask your Account Manager about it.

Top 50 CPA Offers To Promote Right Now

As earlier stated, CPA Offers are numerous, and making a choice can be a daunting task. To help with that, we have created a list of the top 50 CPA Offers you can get out there across different verticals or niches. This list has been carefully selected from many well-performing CPA Offers.

The verticals or niches represented here include Dating, Gaming, Health, Ecommerce as well as Gambling. These niches offer pretty much easy conversions and are quite popular among large audiences.

No Platform Offer Pay-out Information
1 Affiliate scheme available at Affiliate commissions up to £4 CPL and £45 CPA
2 Tinder No program offers on Crack Revenue CPA / $3.00
3 eharmony Dedicated program at Up to £70 per subscription
4 Zoosk No dedicated scheme CPA / $2.50
5 OkCupid Affiliate referral scheme 75% for each sale
6 EliteSingles Via Awin, each completed personality test £5 per lead
7 Cupid Per order completed $135
8 Loveme Per sign up $20-30
9 FriendFinder Per Sign up PPL, $2 for women and $1 for men per sign up
10 SeekingArrangement Complete registration $25 in commissions to receive payment
11 Shopify $58 for each additional user A minimum of $25 in credits
12 Amazon Associates Earn up to 10% in referral fees At $100
13 eBay Partner Network Driving traffic to listings $25 is the threshold
14 Apple Affiliate Program Earnings depend on the number of visitors to a site that clicks Apple text links and banners This varies by country and currency
15 Walmart Affiliate Program This is around 4% on each eligible sale Pay-out at $50
16 Target Affiliate Program Up to 8% in commission on products Uses the corresponding commission rate
17 Coinbase If the referred individual initiates a buy or sell of $100 Low pay-out at $10
18 ClickFunnels Affiliates Up to 40% recurring commission per month Referrals, SAAS at $50 threshold
19 Bluehost Affiliate Program Every visitor who clicks through links and signs up, receive $65 Referrals, pay-out at $65
20 Wayfair Affiliate Program Up to 6% on commissions and a 30-day referral period Referrals, pay-out on each order
21 GameFly Dedicated affiliate program 5% on the sale of new console games
22 GameStop Advertise games on the blog 5.00% commission
23 Zavvi Promote their game products You earn commission once every month
24 G02Games Advertise software Monthly commission payments
25 Simply Games Via Awin – Link to products on site 4% commission
26 Amazon Associates Referrals on games 10% in referral fees – $100 pay-out
27 GearBest Display products on the web 1-3% commission
28 365 Games Advertise products and services Up to 3% commission
29 Microsoft Feature Microsoft games from the Windows Store Up to 10% in commission
30 Just Thrive 5% commission Payments made every month
31 KOS 15% commission rate Monthly payments
32 Life Line Screening $20 upon each sale Monthly pay-out
33 Plus CBD 15% commission rate Monthly payments
34 Neuro Hacker 15% commission rate Monthly payments
35 Tyent Water Ionizers Up to 5% commission rate Monthly payments
36 REAction $20 per lead Payments made by the 14th of each month
37 KetoCleanse $85 per lead Monthly payments
38 Choco Lite $21 per sale Choice of payments
39 BigLover $17 per sale Monthly payments
40 TestRX 50% commission with each valid sale 30-day payments
41 Nutrisystem CPA rate at $105 per sale Monthly
42 Fruity Affiliates 30-40% rev share via promotion Payments made by the 10th of each month
43 Golden Star 50% rev share Monthly, several payment methods
44 Gunsbet Revshare model Choice of payments
45 Earn Big Affiliate 30-50% revenue sharing No payment threshold
46 Viks 20-40% rev share €50 commission threshold
47 BitStarz 25-40% revenue share No payment threshold
48 Fortune Affiliates Rev share offer for the first 3 months of 30%, 40%, and 50% Fast payment option
49 Luckybet 25% to 40% profit sharing Additional revenue from referral activity
50 Ladbrokes Dedicated affiliate program CPA, Revenue Share, Hybrid


It takes some practise to select CPA offerings that will maximise your conversion potential.Making such a selection involves several factors, and because your business depends on it, care should be taken.

Finding outstanding and fantastically converting CPA offers shouldn’t be difficult for you now that you have read this post. Prior to deciding to accept any Offer, always do extensive research. Don’t be convinced solely by payouts; thoroughly consider the metrics as well.

When you do decide, make sure to produce stunning landing pages and provide your visitors something of value. Above all, maintain your integrity and only share offerings in which you have confidence. Give your audience motivation to do the required conversion action, and see how they respond by staying devoted to you.

If you can successfully combine good marketing efforts with your CPA Offers, you might potentially earn an endless amount of money each month for a very long time.

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