Can Surveymonkey Detect Cheating?

Can Surveymonkey Detect Cheating?

You will agree with me that cheating spoils businesses and could lead to unnecessary waste of money and could also lead to bad analysis and policies.

As a survey creator, your aim is to get the honest opinion of your consumers about your product, then it will help you to improve and make good policies, that’s why many people are asking if respondents could cheat on paid online surveys.

Well, the sad news is yes! respondents sometimes cheat on surveys which gives bad results to the survey creators.

Having known this, let’s get to our main topic which is ” can survey monkey detect cheating?

Can Surveymonkey Detect Cheating?

SurveyMonkey is a popular paid online survey company that allows users to create, send, and analyze surveys.

While it does not have specific features to detect cheating, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of cheating when using the platform.

How SurveyMonkey Detects Cheating

One way to reduce cheating is to use randomized question order and answer choices.
This makes it difficult for respondents to copy answers from one another.

Another way is to use captchas to verify that the respondent is human. This is because the internet nowadays is full of software and robots doing the work of humans automatically.

No matter what, robots do not have human intelligence and experience, so can’t give accurate responses to questions.

Also, SurveyMonkey allows you to set a time limit for completing the survey, which can also discourage cheating by making it more difficult for respondents to look up answers.

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You can also use skip logic, where certain questions are only shown based on the answers given to previous questions. This can discourage cheating as it makes it more difficult for respondents to guess what the questions will be.

They do repeat questions or simply tell you to click this or that just to test if you are concentrating or just giving out any answer that enters your head.

Another option is to use a multiple-response validation feature so that if a respondent gives the same answer to multiple questions, the survey will consider it as a red flag and can be flagged as a suspicious response.

Finally, you can also use IP tracking, so that the survey will only allow one response per IP address. This will make it more difficult for people to cheat by taking the survey multiple times from the same location.


Overall, SurveyMonkey does not have any special tool to detect cheating, but these methods above are ways it uses to reduce the likelihood of cheating by using certain survey design techniques and settings, etc.

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