How To Get Surveys On Afrisight

how to get surveys on afrisight

A paid online survey is one of the many ways people make money online from home or during their spare time. Although survey money is usually insignificant, but it goes a long way to solve some minor financial problems for you.

The fact is you can’t get rich doing online surveys.

In this article, I will be educating you on how to get surveys consistently from one of the survey platforms known as Afrisight.

First of all let me ask you, who is the online survey for? Well, it is for me and you and like I said you can’t be rich doing paid online surveys, but it goes a long way to solving some of your financial problems.

So, what is the essence of registering on a survey company website without getting surveys which will in return give you rewards either in cash, gift cards, or airtime Top-ups?

So, In this article am going to educate you on how to be getting surveys on afrisight and consistently too, so read to the end.

Afrisight is one of the top-paying online survey platforms, but unlike so many other survey companies that don’t work with African audiences, this company specializes in Africans and does work in many African countries.

The most popular causes of not making money from any survey platform are lack of surveys or qualifying for surveys, so here is how to get surveys from Afrisight.

How To Get Surveys On Afrisight

1. Profiling: Just like almost all the paid online survey platforms, Afrisight does ask for your full profile once you register with them.

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You might be wondering what I meant by profiling, well, profiling has to do with putting it setting up your profile so that the survey company will know more about you and also know the types of surveys that match your profile so that they can give you such surveys when they arrive.

So, profiling means telling afrisight more about yourself, your experience, expertise, and also what you have used or do use, what you drink, smoke, etc.

Many people do not get surveys on afrisight and other survey platforms because they overlook the profiling aspect of their account creation, thereby denying the survey company the opportunity or advantage of matching them with the types of survey that matches their profile.

So, take time and answer all the profiling questions and trust me you will start getting more and more surveys from Afrisight or any other survey platform you are working with.

2. Lack of seriousness: Just like any other work or anything that makes money for you, you should also take paid online surveys seriously or you will end us blacklisting your account from getting more surveys.

The fact is that so many survey companies do ask qualifying questions not only to match you with the survey but also to see how consistent you are with your answers.

Lack of seriousness could affect your account on afrisight and any other survey company. This is because they sometimes repeat questions to see if you are accurate with your answers and also they sometimes ask you to click on a particular answer and fail to do that then they will know that you are not concentrating and will disqualify you and will also think twice before giving you future surveys.

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So, lack of seriousness or concentration is one of the reasons you might stop getting surveys on afrisight and many other survey platforms.

If you want to be getting surveys from Afrisight, you will need to be honest and accurate in all your answers.

How To Qualify For Afrisight Survey

There is a wide difference between getting surveys on afrisight and qualifying for surveys.

If you are wondering how the two are different, then know that getting or seeing survey invitations on your dashboard or email is different from qualifying for them and completing them.

You can get a survey notification, but you can’t qualify for them, so the question is ‘ how do I qualify for the afrisight Survey?

To qualify for afrisight Surveys there is no right or wrong answer but what you feel is right based on your personal knowledge or experience.

This is to say that what you need to qualify are honesty, patience, and concentration.

Note – It is not compulsory that you must qualify for all the surveys you see on your profile or dashboard because it is Normal to be disqualified from time to time and it is also normal to get pass some qualification questions and complete the surveys.

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