How To Qualify For Surveys

A paid online survey is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It has to do with registering with some survey companies online and filling out the questions ( Surveys) that are given to them by the survey company or companies and earning some money from them.

Like I normally say ‘ a survey can’t make you rich, neither is it a get-rich-quick scheme, but it could earn you a good amount of money to solve some of your financial problems.

There are many cases when people will register with survey companies and won’t be earning anything because they are consistently disqualified from any survey that comes their way. This could be very frustrating and sad.

The fact is, as a person who does online paid Surveys, there are chances that you have noticed this, and trust me, it is very frustrating, so the question you will have in mind is ‘ how do I qualify for surveys? Don’t worry, I will educate you on that.

How Does Paid Online Survey Work?

Before listing and explaining the reasons why you do not qualify for surveys, first of all, let’s see how this survey of a thing works.

Online Surveys are platforms that producers, marketers, politicians, etc use to know the opinion of the customers, consumers, the people, etc.

Those companies, individuals, political parties, etc will pay some survey companies to ask some questions to an average person like me and you just to get their opinions and maybe use them to influence their future policies, etc.

I hope you got the idea of what paid online survey is all about.

If you did, now let’s proceed to why you are getting disqualified from surveys consistently.

Why Do I Get Disqualified From Surveys?

As I mentioned earlier, getting disqualified from online surveys could be sad and frustrating.

Although it is normal to get disqualified from some surveys but not all as you must not qualify for every survey that comes your way.

Reasons Why Survey Platforms Disqualify

1. Lack of Concentration: Many people get disqualified from surveys they are already answering but they don’t know why, here is one of the reasons they are disqualified.

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It is simply because they are not concentrating on the answers they are giving.

If you are very familiar with online surveys, you would have noticed that they sometimes ask some qualifying questions before the main survey starts, and even upon that, you could still be disqualified even when you are already answering the main survey questions.

Well, this happens because you are not concentrating.

Sometimes survey companies do repeat questions or ask you to click on q particular answer and this is where many people get disqualified.

They purposely repeat questions or tell you to click a particular answer to test if you are concentrating and also to test the quality of answers you are giving them.

2. Poor Profiling: Profiling is very important because it is the main thing any survey company will check in order to match you with surveys.

Many people don’t get surveys and even when they do, they get disqualified instantly because they haven’t taken the time to fill out and set up their profiles.

Survey Platforms asking for your complete profile are not fools, they do that so that they could be able to know more about you and thereby to be matching you with surveys that match the kind of person you are according to your profile.

So, sometimes the reason why you don’t get surveys and you don’t qualify is that the survey company doesn’t know much about you and there is no how they could match you up with their surveys.

3. Demography: Another reason why a survey could disqualify you even before you start is a result of your location.

We understand that some survey companies could be worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that you will qualify for every survey from a such platform, that was why I explained that it is sometimes normal to get disqualified from surveys.

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Now let’s take for instance, survey platforms that work worldwide such as Swagbucks, Respondent, etc could accept anybody but won’t qualify you for every survey because some opinion seekers that paid those survey companies might only need the opinions of a particular set of people or region, etc.

Now you get the point? Let me give you an example. If a USA company pays to seek the opinions of their consumers only in the USA, anybody from Canada attempting such a survey will be disqualified instantly.

So, getting disqualified from surveys sometimes doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with ur answers or your profile, but it could be a result of your demography.

4. The Research has been Concluded: Sometimes the reason why some surveys disqualify instantly is that the survey or research has been concluded by the researching companies.

The fact is, those companies, individuals, etc that are seeking our opinions have a limited number of answers they want, and when they reach their targeted number of answers they will stop the survey.

This is because they have gotten the number of answers they need and there is no need to continue the survey, so they either pause it or stop it entirely, and if you mistakenly click on such surveys, you will be disqualified instantly.

5. You are using VPN or Ad blocker: It is well known that many survey platforms do make use of anti-VPN and anti-ad blockers which could be why you don’t normally qualify for Surveys.

The truth is, many people are not honest and will try to change their demography to start getting surveys from top-paying countries and so, they make use of a VPN to do that and hide their location.

Well, I must say ‘ sometimes this technique works, but sometimes the survey anti-VPN system will detect you and disqualify you instantly from participating in such surveys.

So, if you are getting disqualified from surveys, you might need to check if your VPN is on or if your ad blocker is on because that might be the reason.

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How To Qualify For Surveys

Now you have learned the reasons why you could get disqualified from paid online surveys, now let’s look at how to qualify for surveys.

1. Avoid VPN/Proxies: As I explained above, the use of a VPN is one of the reasons why many don’t qualify for online surveys because some survey platforms could easily dictate it and come for you which could even lead to a ban on your account.

The only sure technique in getting and qualifying for surveys is honesty and concentration.

2. Concentration: I explained lack of focus as one of the key factors that contribute to survey disqualification, what about you start concentrating and taking the work seriously?

This is what happens when you start concentrating and reading all questions before answering ” you will be able to catch those tricky questions meant to test your concentration and pass them, thereby avoiding disqualification.

3. Always Check if you have new surveys: Always be punctual to open any new survey on your dashboard because as I explained above, every survey has a limited time.

Once the time elapses, the survey will be closed and if you happen to see the survey late and click on it, you will be disqualified instantly.

So, try and be very punctual to answer surveys so that you could stand a chance of qualifying and earning your reward.

4. Fill out your complete Profile: Your profile is where the survey platform will look at and match you with surveys that fit your personality and demography, so it is very important to always complete your profile setup as required.

Once your profile is up to date, you will start getting and qualifying for more surveys.


Please note that it is not all Surveys that come your way that you must qualify for.

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