How to Withdraw Money From Afrisight

How to Withdraw Money From Afrisight

If you are one of those that do make money online then you must have known many survey platforms because the paid online survey is one of the easiest ways to make money online either with your smartphone, desktop, or both.

There are many survey platforms but today we will be talking about how to withdraw or the payout options for a particular online survey platform known as afrisight.

Afrisight is a legit survey company that is based in the Netherlands and they are one of those survey companies that focuses on Africans such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

Many times, what scare people away from survey platforms are low earning methods of the platform, high withdrawal threshold, and limited withdrawal options, so let’s see about afrisight’s payout options and how to withdraw from it.

Currently, there are 3 withdrawal options for this survey site and I will be explaining them one after the other.

1. Airtime Top-up: Airtime Top-up is the fastest and the easiest way to withdraw your earnings from the afrisight paid online survey platform.

I said it is the easiest because your earnings are very fast to hit your phone number and also the minimum withdrawal threshold is far lower than the other withdrawal options.

With the airtime Top up option the minimum withdrawal threshold is just $3 which is lower than the other payment options.

One good thing about this platform is you will earn and withdraw in USD but it will be converted to your local currency automatically and very fast.

2. PayPal: The second withdrawal option is PayPal.

PayPal is one of the most popular and powerful international payment gateways and I believe you have used it or you must have heard about it.

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On this platform, PayPal is one of the options to withdraw your earnings and it is very easy to set up and have your money hit your account in a very short time.

One of the disadvantages of PayPal is that it doesn’t support many countries, so if you are answering surveys from Nigeria with Afrisight, then skip this payout option because PayPal doesn’t work in Nigeria.

If you are from a PayPal-supported countries like South Africa etc, then you can use this option to withdraw your earnings from afrisight.

3. Bank Transfer: Bank transfer is the sweetest and the most used of all the payout methods from this platform.

As a Nigerian based I normally use this option to get my afrisight rewards straight into my bank account in a very short time.

The threshold for this option is 5 USD and it will be converted to your local currency automatically and very fast before hitting your local bank account.

From my experience here in Nigeria, it usually takes only a minute or 2 before I get a credit alert from my bank unless your bank network is not very fast.


Having known how to withdraw or how to get paid from afrisight, the next important question you might be willing to ask is ” how long it takes to get paid on this platform?

Well, to make money from any legit paid online survey platform you must have to put in the effort to make the money that you will withdraw.

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This simply means that ‘how long it takes you to be paid by this platform solely depends on the amount of effort you put in.

Afrisight normally gives up to 3 to 5 surveys per day, except during weekends when you could be Lucky to get even one paid survey opportunity a day.

So, to hit the withdrawal threshold of 3 USD or 5 USD is not very hard if you are always checking for any available surveys.

I have been using this platform for the past 2 years and I usually hit the bank’s withdrawal threshold in 4 days to 5 days, so it depends on the effort you put in.


You have learned how to withdraw money from afrisight and also how long it could possibly take for you to make the money, but you might be curious to know how to make this money from this survey site, well I got you covered.

Well, this question is mainly for people who haven’t earned from the paid online survey before, so if you are an expert in online surveys, kindly skip this part.

As I explained above, afrisight is a paid online survey website where an average person will register, answer surveys, and get paid.

To make money from this survey platform and from any survey platform, you must, first of all, register with your email or social media account or with your google account.

After the registration, fill in your profile. Surveys will be given to you according to what you filled in your profile.

Once you see any survey, open it and you might be subjected to a qualifying question or questions which might disqualify you or pass you, thereby taking you to the main survey questions which usually take between 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the incentive.

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Once you finish the survey, a thank you or a congratulatory message will appear telling you that ur incentive has been moved to your dashboard.

You will see each incentive in your dashboard, so continue answering surveys until it reaches the withdrawal threshold and then you can withdraw.

Please note that Afrisight only offers online surveys not focused group surveys, not app testing surveys, etc.


I understand that the primary purpose of doing paid online surveys is to get paid, that’s why one of the most asked questions online is how legit a survey company is.

I am not much into a review business, but I have no option but to review this company in this article.

Talking about being legit, there are so many legit and reputable survey companies out there and Afrisight is one of them.

Unlike many bloggers that will just write about an object or a company without first of all using their service or their product, as I said earlier, I have been using afrisight to make money through their surveys for 2 years now, so from my experience, they are very legit and they pay.


I hope you learned a lot from this article which is all about my experience with them for the past 2 years because I don’t work for them and I can’t remember that they have an affiliate program, so it’s all about my honest opinion.

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